Administrative Structure

          Although principle administration of the project will be carried out centrally, it will be divided into complimentary subprojects. A request is being filed to use the Khon Kaen University Faculty of Medicine Vejvichakarn Building for the location of the project office. The office will act as the project’s central hub and will be responsible for supporting coordination among the participating faculties. It will be responsible for the network administration among operating units, management of the research projects and the domestic and international networks to which members belong, and monitoring the progress of all subprojects. This project’s budget will be used to establish an office and system for the administration of research projects and domestic and international networks.

          Project administration and implementation will take the form of a committee composed of representatives from the Khon Kaen University Mekong Health Science Research Institute administrative committee, the project chair, vice project chair, the heads of each subproject, and the committee secretary. The committee will consist of up to ten members, and will be responsible for consideration of the collaborative project budget and monitoring the progress of each subproject. There will be qualified advisors from the relevant offices who will meet in order to determine the strategic direction of the project. There will be six meetings annually in order to clarify, supervise, and evaluate project objectives and results.

           Data analysis in order to disseminate and publish results, create innovation and apply research findings, and seek funding from domestic and international sources will be conducted by the committee.