Vision & Mission

         In accordance with the university’s vision, The Mekong Health Science Research Institute is a leading international research institution that is solving health problems in northeast Thailand and other nations in the Greater Mekong Region.


The institute’s mission, based on fostering basic research and capabilities, is to;

(1) enable collaboration and administration in multidisciplinary research and development in order to promote excellence in academics and problem solving including improving the health of people in Thailand and the Greater Mekong Region,

(2) support advancements in the capability of Khon Kaen University researchers, personnel, scholars, and research groups/excellence research centers at universities in Thailand and other parts of the Greater Mekong Region in order that it can be applied to solving problems and improving health in Thailand and in society as a whole,

(3) support education and research on both the domestic and international level, and

(4) collaborate on research and development in areas that relate to domestic and international institutions.


The researchers, thus, will request that the budget from the government be allocated to implement five main pilot projects during the first budgetary year in order to support the work of the Mekong Health Science Research Institute to establish this project. In subsequent years, there will be greater expansion of integrated projects.