MSCA Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE 2019) (รับข้อเสนอถึง 2 เม.ย. 62)

MSCA-RISE Call 2019 is now opening:

MSCA RISE funds short-term exchanges of personnel between academic, industrial and commercial organisations throughout the world. It helps people develop their knowledge, skills and careers, while building links between organisations working in different sectors of the economy, including universities, research institutes and SMEs.

1. Research Areas: international as well as intersectoral mobility, based on secondments of research and innovation staff (exchanges) with an in-built return mechanism)

2. Applicant Eligibility: academic and non-academic sectors (in particular SMEs)

3. Research/Funding Duration: 80 million Euros

4. How to apply: online application submission.

5. Deadline: April 2, 2019

6. For more information: